Are you building a startup but not quite sure how to go about it and actually build a successful company? 


Launchfield is an entrepreneurship academy for ambitious and dedicated startup teams who want to create positive change in the world. 


Join Launchfield to experience transformational business and personal growth during a 6-month entrepreneurship intensive. 


ONLY this weekend can you get a COVID-19 discounted rate to enter the program and ensure the success of your organization. #EUvsVirus

What you will get


The Launchfield Entrepreneurship Academy is a 6-month intensive training programme for your team and your startup. 


You will be led through weekly training, biweekly mentoring calls and additional input in our private Facebook community. 


The educational content in the academy is divided into two tracks, Business and Mindset. 


To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to work on your own development as much as that of your business and unlike any other entrepreneurship coaching programme in the world, we give equal attention to both. 


This way, you’ll build a robust and sustainable business, but will also prepare yourself to become the leader you need to be to advocate for your vision worldwide. 

Business track

The business track will be led by Lauren Proctor and will cover a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum addressing every puzzle piece of a functioning business. 

Month #

Topics covered



Idea validation: understand if and how you might need to pivot

Establish customer avatar + offer

Validate startup + get fast feedback


Choose a business model

Pricing strategy

Company setup + accounting

Company goes public


Establish KPIs + measurement

Establish testing mindset

Marketing + sales strategy

Data-based go-to market strategy


Book 20+ sales calls

Copywriting for your offer


Close 2+sales / apply for funding


Paid marketing + other growth strategies

Grow online presence with paid marketing channels like Facebook Ads and Google


Refining your product, sales + marketing

Have a full-time startup that is ready for ELITE Academy

After graduation

Enter the ELITE program for startups ready to scale.

Raising venture funding

Earning more than €1M annual revenue 

Mindset track

Month #

Topics covered



What is an entrepreneurial mindset and how to practice it

Mindset shift from scarcity to abundance


Leadership skills every entrepreneur needs and how to practice them

Shift from follower to leader


Setting your team up for success

Team roles and responsibilities

How to navigate power hierarchy in a startup team

Sales skills

Transformational leadership infrastructure where every team member feels empowered to give their best 


Healthy habits for entrepreneurs

How to stay cool, calm and collected under pressure

How to set your mind and body up for success

Personalized daily routine optimized for your success 


Perspective taking

How to see your product/services through the eyes of the user

How to make sure you are doing something good for the world? 

User research skills

Human-centered mindset and design insights


Communicating your vision to those who disagree

Staying motivated in the face of setbacks

Trust in yourself that you have the skills and personal characteristics to continue on the entrepreneurship journey.

After graduation

Enter the ELITE program for startups ready to scale. 

Your mentors

Silja Voolma, Ph.D.

Silja is a psychologist-turned-behavioral designer with a decade of experience in digital health startups and products. She holds a Ph.D. in behavioural science from the University of Cambridge and has worked with organisations like the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, BambooHR, and 10+ startup teams solving problems related to team work, leadership, user-centered design and societal inequity. She has also coached executives and Olympic athletes to improve performance and leadership skills. In the Launchfield Entrepreneurship Academy, Silja’s role is to help you create an entrepreneurial mindset, develop the necessary leadership and teamwork skills for success and ensure the products and services your company offers are user-centered. 

Lauren Proctor

Lauren is a journalist-turned-digital marketer and a serial entrepreneur. After founding and running a digital marketing agency in NYC for ten years, Lauren started traveling the world as a digital nomad and helping governments and organizations transition to remote working models and source the most elite tech talent. Lauren is an expert in digital marketing, business growth and has worked with renowned global brands including Virgin Airlines, American Express, Coach and many more. Lauren’s role in the Launchfield Entrepreneurship Academy is to make sure your business is set up for success from a marketing, revenue and business model perspective. 


While in the Academy, your weeks will start with watching two training videos we have prepared for you for both the Business and Mindset track. 

On Tuesdays, you will have a weekly live Business call with your Launchfield mentor or guest experts. During these live calls you will have the opportunity to get granular feedback on your work and ask questions specifically about your project. 

On Thursdays, you will have a weekly live Mindset call with your Launchfield mentor or guest experts. During these calls you will also have the chance to ask questions about your personal growth areas and ways to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset in the face of setbacks. 

For the rest of the week, you will engage in the private members-only Facebook Group where you can connect with other members, get community support and advice on additional questions you may have about how to build your startup.








Training video x2

Facebook Group 

Business call
Facebook Group

Facebook Group

Mindset call
Facebook Group

Facebook Group



When do doors open?

To support the #EUvsVirus hackathon participants, we are opening the academy doors outside of our normal schedule for an additional cohort of students on the week of May 6th. 

How much does it cost?

To support the participants of the #EUvsVirus hackathon, we are offering a generous discounted price ladder. 

The earlier you register, the cheaper the price!

Teams # 1-10 – €89 

Teams # 11-20 – €112 

Teams # 21-30 – €149 

Teams # 31-50 – €179 

Teams # 51-70 – €200

Teams 71-100 – €250

 *All prices are quoted per month per team, requiring a commitment of 6 months. 

If you do not want to commit to 6 months in the program, you can still join for €349 per month per team. 

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